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Going Abroad: Taking your Florida product to the UK

January 12, 2009

United KingdomWith an incredibly strong economy, the United Kingdom is an international financial center as well as a global trading powerhouse.  Multi-year retail marketing campaigns with the 180+ stores of Waitrose, Ltd. and the 300+ stores of ASDA throughout the U.K. have resulted in millions in sales for Florida producers.

To offer more insight and information to Florida’s agricultural producers wishing to enter the U.K. consumer market, our office recently published a 40-page report titled “Exporting: United Kingdom Report.”  The report came after extensive research done by the Division in the U.K. to determine consumer behaviors and attitudes toward imported fruits and vegetables.  According to the study, there is great potential for the success for Florida products in the U.K.

One-on-one consumer surveys, taste tests and focus groups were the methods used to gather the necessary data for this report.  Researchers targeted affluent customers in three of the U.K.’s major cities: London, Edinburgh, and Dublin.  A total of 380 consumer surveys were completed.  The report contains detailed geographic, economic, and demographic information about the U.K.  It also provides profiles of the region’s major grocery retailers, Waitrose, ASDA and SuperQuinn.

To get a copy of the report, you can send me an email ( or call our office (850-488-4366) and we will mail one to you… or you can easily download it here:

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