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Comfort Food

January 13, 2009
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Everyone has a favorite comfort food. That one thing we go to when we feel a little blue, need a pick up after a hard day, or as I found out recently from my son, a reminder of home.

The phone call I received was a request for help making meatloaf, “just like yours, Mom. I don’t want the frozen stuff”. What mother could resist that plea?

The recipe was simple for enough for phone instruction; lean ground beef, fresh chopped onion and green pepper, seasoned bread crumbs, egg and tomato sauce plus a little oregano, salt and pepper. The one thing I could not list for him is the love in the preparation. He will have to find his own way of adding that.

The fact that he called for the recipe (not a remarkable recipe as you can see) tells me that at mealtime, we did some things right. He was paying attention to all those home cooked meals. Some things did sink in.

If you cook it, they will remember. If you cook with fresh ingredients, even better!

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