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TPIE – Morning of Day 3

January 17, 2009

So far today we’ve met a few new people.  Yolanda had some fun conversations with FAPC members and she’ll be writing more on that later.

With just over 3 hours to go in the show, you can hear some deals being made.  People like to put their booths up for sale, which just means that they are willing to sell of their plants to interested buyers.  For some businesses, they sell individual plants or types of plants, while others sell the entire inventory to one person.  It is a win-win situation because the growers get money for their products and they don’t have to arrange to move the plants again, while the buyers get to take products with them.

At our booth, we are showcasing our new plant tags and promoting Florida agriculture/horticulture.  While we don’t sell anything, we distribute magazines, pencils, refrigerator magnets,  fancy light-up keychains and herb booklets.   Having a License and Bond representative here yesterday was good, too.   It just adds another dimension and lets people know that our Division of Marketing and Development encompasses a variety of areas.

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