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Florida Kumquat Festival is just around the corner

January 21, 2009

Have you ever tried a kumquat?  As a child growing up in Central Florida, it seemed like most of my neighbors had kumquat trees.  They are really delicious little fruits.

What makes the kumquat interesting is that unlike the citrus it looks like, the peel is the sweet part and the flesh is the tart part.  They are about the size of a really large grape, so you can pop them in your mouth for a one- or two-bite treat.  The season is in full swing right now and they are usually available in grocery store produce sections.  All you have to do when you get them is wash and eat.

The Florida Kumquat Festival has already had some activities, but the main events start Wednesday, January 28 and run through Saturday, January 31.  What is great about this festival is that Kumquat Growers, a member of FAPC, is very active in this festival and you can taste the product and tour the KG facility.   What a great treat to be able to take a day trip to visit the area in Florida where they grow prolifically and participate in a festival dedicated to these little beauties!  Here’s a rundown of some of the activities:

  • Wednesday, January 28 – Decorating Contest
  • Thursday, January 29 – Kumquat Growers Open House and Mixer at Scotland Yards
  • Friday, January 30 – Kumquat Growers Open House and 4-H Dinner at the Fairgrounds
  • Saturday, January 31 – Festival in full swing, including arts & crafts, VIPs, Farmers’ Market, quilt show, wagon rides, antique fire truck, etc.

For more information, contact the Dade City Chamber at 352-567-3769.  Also, click on the Kumquat Growers link above to find out how to make kumquat puree, the base for many of their delicious recipes.

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