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Sweetbay Supermarket Spotlights Fresh from Florida

February 4, 2009
Sweetbay promotes Fresh from Florida
Sweetbay promotes Fresh from Florida

This week I checked out the online ads for Sweetbay Supermarket and was elated to find a page dedicated to Fresh from Florida! Thank you, Sweetbay!The Department has two major promotional programs entering Phase 2 this week. In Global Grid and Winners Circle we work with retailers (i.e. grocery stores) to have them buy and promote Florida fruits and vegetables.

Global Grid stores are headquartered all over the country, Canada and a few in Europe and the Caribbean. Winners Circle is the Southern version and features six retailers. Tom and I coordinate Winners Circle and we have a fun time with it! Getting to meet with the produce buyers for these chains is a wonderful experience because they are really great people. When you walk into a store or check the weekly ads online and you see a Fresh from Florida logo, you know that you’re helping make a difference.

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  1. Local Talent permalink
    February 5, 2009 10:32 am

    Sweetbay and their parent company Hannaford in the Northeast are by far the most proactive corporations when it comes to the local approach. It seems to be gaining favor in our part of the world, something I think we should be capitalizing on to increase demand for produce within our own state.

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