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Waste Not Want Not

March 13, 2009
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Just found an interesting website from the United Kingdom and wanted to share. Love food, hate waste has tips for every way possible to avoid tossing  out food.  I’m not talking about freegans, as interesting a subject as that is, but ways to cut food costs by throwing out less food.

Under Tips and Storage they tell you how putting parsley between layers of paper towels  in an air tight container will help the herb stay fresher in the fridge. The paper towel thing also works for lettuce, dill, celery and other vegetables.  Sorry green bag lady.  My mother-in-law taught me this years ago. Check out the Perfect Portions tab. It is so cool.  The metric measurements are a challenge on some things but it can make choosing correct portions less of a guessing game.

Good, common sense information with a  British twist .  Give it a try.

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