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Try International Night at Home

March 26, 2009

We visited a favorite restaurant last night that, in addition to their regular menu, is offering customers  the option to order food from different a culture or county each week. The menu changes every week and is available on 3 nights. While this week’s offering was certainly near and dear to my family’s heart and tummy, the menus will range from Thai to Italian to French.

This started me thinking about international night at home and how this would be a good way to  keep the family from being bored with the same old food week after week.  Once a week go crazy and let the kids choose or  help choose a menu from another country.  There are so many healthy dishes  from other cultures like ChineseMediterraneanHispanic and Indian that are low fat and easy to prepare  that we could be introducing to our families.  You should also check out The Florida Chef and Fresh from Florida Kids for other recipe ideas.

Sometimes a recipe may not be  as healthy as Iwould like for it to be.  I have had success by adjusting recipes using low fat or whole grain substitutes.  I am the queen of getting caught in a rut so if you have the same problem give international night a try at your house.  The kids  just might like it.

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  1. March 26, 2009 10:09 am

    that is a great idea. i wish we had done that when i was a child. it would have made me more open to trying new cuisines later in life.

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