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It’s Seed Spittin’ Time

May 13, 2009

As I mentioned in a previous blog it’s Florida Watermelon time.   And along with watermelon come festivals, Florida Watermelon Week and seed spittin’ contests.

Festivals start in early May and run through July.  This week-end  you can find great fun at the Newberry Watermelon Festival with  queens, pie baking, watermelon eating and of course, seed spittin’.

Florida Watermelon week is June 1-6 and  Florida Watermelon Queen  Jessica SouthardJessica Southard will travel the state promoting this favorite summer dessert at grocery stores and schools.  Queen Jessica and the seed spittin’ contest will land in Tallahassee on June 3.  In fact, Queen Jessica will be giving away slices of watermelon at the Capitol from 10:00 a.m. till 1:00 p.m. on the 3rd.   The location has changed this year; the event will be at the Dolphin Fountain on Duval Street. For all of you who have never participated in a seed spittin’  contest here are a few pointers for the noon competition :

  • as Jim Croce said, “Don’t spit into the wind”
  • point the small tip of the seed out as it exits your mouth
  • keep the seed moist  before you spit
  • lean back then move forward as you spit (looks great for pictures)
  • and the most important tip of all, curl your tongue

I’ll be on hand June 3 along with the Queen and other watermelon representatives to give you pointers.  Stop by,  eat a few slices, spit a few seeds and look for contest  results here later in June.

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