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FAPC Member Spotlight – Ecoturf Sod

June 2, 2009
In my last post, I talked about working with a group of farmers at the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival.   They were so fun to work with and I enjoyed learning about their farms and products so much that I want to tell you about each farm.

Ecoturf Sod is located in Lake City, Florida.  Jenny and William Lloyd run the farm on which they grow perennial peanut, a lovely groundcover.  The scientific name for perennial peanut is Arachis glabrata, and it grows prolifically in Florida.  This is not the kind of peanut that gets made into peanut butter, although I read that its beautiful little yellow flowers are edible and taste like peanuts.

Perennial peanut is drought-tolerant once its root system develops, so it can go for long stretches of time without water yet still look good and be an effective groundcover.  William told me that in the summer it only needs to be mowed two or three times.  That’s a maintenance schedule that I can get on board with!

William and Jenny Lloyd in front of their display

William and Jenny Lloyd in front of their display

For more information, contact Jenny and William at 386-963-5438.

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