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Cunningham Returns to Publix in Tallahassee

June 29, 2009
The Cunningham's

The Cunninghams

On Thursday, July 2nd and Friday, July 3rd, Patsy Cunningham, owner of Cunningham’s MFG, Gourmet Sauce will return to Tallahassee, sampling the award winning Memphis Gourmet Sauces at two Publix locations in the capital city.

Sampling will begin on July 2nd at the Publix located in the Killearn Center at 3483 Thomasville Road from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm. On July 3rd you can find them at the Publix located in the Bradfordville Center at 6753 Thomasville Road from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Due to the great success and consumer demand for Memphis Gourmet sauces over Memorial Day weekend at the Lake Ella Publix, located at 1700 N. Monroe Street, Patsy and her husband were asked to return on the 4th of July weekend. Let’s continue to support them by visiting one, if not both, of the Publix locations and purchasing a bottle or two of the great Memphis Gourmet basting and barbecue sauces.  If you are unable to visit a store in Tallahassee, please take the time to shop at a local Publix in your area. The sauces will be on sale at all stores and if you do not see the products on shelves in your area, please ask to speak to a manager. By asking for the product, the Cunninghams will be able to expand product availability across Florida.  Don’t forget to purchase Memphis Gourmet sauces!

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