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Sweet Corn and Ricotta Fritters

July 16, 2009

Florida Sweet Corn and Ricotta FrittersDid you know that July 16th is National Corn Fritters Day?  Yeah, there’s just about a day for every type of food these days!  If you don’t know what a fritter is, it’s described as anything dipped in batter and fried.  A lot of people put syrup or powdered sugar on their corn fritters, but Chef Justin’s fritters are savory (and sooo good).  They are also much healthier than traditional Southern corn fritters because they aren’t deep fried and use fresh corn instead of canned.  This recipe is featured in one of our new brochures, and I was lucky enough to get to try it when we held a taste-testing.  I am getting hungry just thinking about them.  Anyway, here’s the recipe so you can celebrate National Corn Fritters Day the Florida way!

Sweet Corn and Ricotta Fritters

Yield: 4 to 6 Servings

2 ears fresh Florida sweet corn, kernels removed
1/2 bunch fresh Florida cilantro, chopped fine
4 ounces low-fat ricotta cheese
2 large Florida eggs, beaten
1/3 cup self-rising unbleached or whole-wheat flour
Olive oil (for shallow pan frying)
Kosher salt and fresh ground pepper to taste

In a medium-sized bowl, combine corn, cilantro, ricotta, eggs, flour and a pinch of salt and pepper.  Add a small amount of olive oil to a medium-high preheated saute pan.  Carefully add spoonfuls of the corn mixture to the hot pan.  Cook on both sides until golden brown.  Test the first done fritter, and adjust seasoning with salt and pepper.  Serve with low-fat sour cream if desired.

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  1. Melissa permalink
    July 17, 2009 11:29 am

    Oh my goodness, those look so good!

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