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The “Fruitification” of America

August 3, 2009

2997453290_831b72e27aSeriously, I love the word but not the idea behind it. Taking fresh fruit and processing it into a cup for convenience seems like a good idea at first. Busy parents, stretched to the limit, singles and anyone looking for more time in the day might grab one of these travel-easy fruit cups for the backpack or office.

Let’s break this down in dollars and cents (sense).  The cups of pre-made fruit cost about $1.15 each.  Put forth a little extra effort, spend a little less, and you can grab a bag of  Florida oranges for $3.99 (usually about 10-12 oranges) or strawberries for $2.99 a quart or a plethora of other Florida- grown fruits.  Availability depends on the time of year but there is always something in season, like mangoes or avocados are now.  Use your own containers and the savings to you and the environment just keeping adding up.  Even the containers like the ones pictured can be washed and reused many times.

As several wise people mentioned to me lately, Sunday is a great day to make food for the week ahead.  Not all fruit can be cut up for use days in advance; I have found cut melons will last for several days and strawberries, carambola (star fruit) and citrus to hold up pretty well  for several days.

Grab your containers, start cutting  and get ready for back to school or healthy workday snacks.

Photo provided by Flickr

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