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Blog-a-festo (manifesto) of the new modern home cook …

August 6, 2009

produceA new standard of the modern home cook is emerging across the U.S. This earth friendly generation is not afraid to ask a multitude of tough questions about the food we eat. There has been a major shift in the way they think about buying and preparing foods.  The wonder of being able to buy almost any kind of produce year round is giving way to seasonal and regional  availability. Supporting American farmers and the natural cycle of seasonally grown produce is becoming more important than having a fresh tomato on your sandwich after the local/ regional tomato season is over.

The new modern home cook understands that nutrition has to be a way of life. The food choices of the recent past have yielded several generations with high levels of diet-related chronic disease. This is evident in the alarming rise in numbers of overweight or obese Americans.  Spending a little more money for quality nutrient dense foods even in these tough economic times is proving to be a necessity. We are moving out of the notion that cheap, low quality, overproduced convenience foods are what we need.

The new modern home cook has gotten rid of the microwave and dusted off the old bamboo steamer. They are using olive oil instead of butter. They are filling their pantry with natural foods that have been minimally processed. The type of recipes being used have also changed. Simple preparations highlighting natural flavors are the new modern standard.

Modern home cooks are more aware of portion sizes and the ratios of protein, starch and vegetables that make up a plate. Increased portions of grains and vegetables are being served in place of the standard 6- to 12-ounce portion of meat. Fresh sustainable seafood from local and regional waters are being utilized more and more as a healthy meat alternative.

The return to the dining room table is another example of how home cooking is changing. The practice of eating in front of the television is being replaced by good conversation. Everyone in the household is pulling their weight when it comes to preparation, cooking and clean up. Even children are starting to request more fruits and vegetables in their diet.

This change in mindset can only bring positive outcomes for our food culture! Keep it fresh, America!

Photo from Flickr.

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