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Hold the Salt

August 13, 2009

Do you automatically reach for the salt shaker before you even taste the food?  The USDA recommends that our daily intake of sodium should be no more than 2,300 mg.  Now for the bad news; the average American’s daily intake is 4,000 mg of sodium.  Whoa… so where does all this salt come from if you are not reaching for the salt shaker?

Check the label of your soda can, the frozen pizza, the can of soup that you give to your kid.  The more processed a food item is the more likely it is to have a higher sodium content.   There are low-sodium alternatives to many foods available but when you can make it fresh, it is always a healthier option.

salt terrie postI once knew a chef who would nearly faint every time he saw me eat his food because before I even tasted the food I would reach for the salt shaker.  I have learned a lot since then.  I taste before I shake and I use different herbs and spices when I cook.  Lots of fresh dill in egg and potato salad help replace my my need to shake.  It’s not an easy habit to break once you start.  Believe me, I know.  I’ve worked on it (the sea salt I keep in my office does not count; tomato sandwiches need a little salt).  Healthy habits are achieved by taking small steps.  As we say in the “Fresh from Florida Kids” program, “Healthy habits start early.”  Work on making low-sodium food a part of your family’s healthy habits.  Preparing fresh food is a good way to start.

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  1. Chris permalink
    August 14, 2009 8:47 am

    I once read that Thomas Edison would not hire a prospective employee if he salted his food before tasting it. Probably an urban myth (why are there never any rural myths?), but it may explain why he never hired me. How do you know if it needs salt if you haven’t tasted it yet?

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