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Enjoying The Wine

August 19, 2009

Let’s back up for a minute and take a deep breath.  It seems that we (collective) have created way too many layers of thought about wine.  We have talked about drinking, tasting, descriptors (we’re not finished with that one), favored countries, the states with the best wine, self-important wine writers on the payroll and my favorite, the people who drink only one style of wine but want you to think they know everything about wine. Maybe our vision is clouded now and we can’t see the wine for all the bottles.  I may be close to the end of my rope, so the question is do I tie a knot and hang on or let go and fall into the surprisingly simple world of enjoying wines for what they are?

Given that wine is the beverage of the everyday it should be of little concern to assign too much importance to its pedigree or overly-crafted debut.  The agenda is finding one to go with dinner, tonight. Check out my fictional descriptor for the wine I will look for:

A wonderful combination of grape juice, sun and craftsmanship that will complement the food. Perfect, just what I wanted. 2665_bear_cartoon

Taking a break from the tedious job of wading through wine reviews, comical wine descriptors and articles of snobbish disrespect for many good wines is going to feel good.

My guess is that if I don’t read anything about wine for 3 weeks…I will not miss a thing.  Instead of reading my mission will be to moderately consume a variety of wines I am less familiar with; you know, broaden my comfort zone. I will learn something on my own without the “opinion” of another.

Open mindedness and complete objectivity will now assume the throne, and I will be its loyal subject.   Below is the list I will attempt to sample in the next couple of weeks.

Log Cabin White, from Log Cabin Winery in Satsuma, Florida

100% Carlos (muscadine), this will be characteristically sweet

Dry Avocado, from Schnebly’s Redlands Winery in Homestead, Florida

This sounds interesting and I’ve heard it has a citrus nose

40 Karat, from FL Orange Groves, Inc and Winery in St Petersburg, Florida

Made from 100% Florida carrots, semi dry, can’t wait to try this one

Visit Florida Wineries Here:

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  1. Terrie permalink
    August 20, 2009 1:33 pm

    My son and his girlfriend are trying to eat a helathier diet and giving up the “beer with every meal’. I am passing along the wine websites you listed for them to explore as they have begun to try wine with dinner and I think these wines be great for them.

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