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Locally Grown Food Movement

August 25, 2009

Harveys: Tallahassee location

Today’s economy has consumers seeking solutions that will save money on groceries to other essential items. By eliminating shipping costs, local sourcing is a way Harveys and other retailers keep prices down to help customers save money. Harveys is promoting locally grown by using the “Fresh from Florida” logo and supporting the local sustainable food movement. It also gives customers the opportunity to support local economies, farmers and suppliers. When agricultural products are purchased locally from local producers or growers, it reduces and conserves fuel by lowering the number of miles food has to travel.

Florida Agricultural Promotional Campaign member Teena Borek, owner of All Locally Grown Produce, LLC and 2004 Florida’s Women of the Year, is located in Homestead, Florida and produces 25 tomato varieties, colored bell peppers, herbs, basil, arugula, sorrel and lettuces. All produce is hydroponically grown and green chemistry is used for production. Borek’s farm practices sustainable agriculture by using green chemistry that allows them to use organic inputs to grow their crops. Green chemistry is also known as sustainable chemistry, which refers to environmentally friendly HT8C8421-1chemicals and processes that result in decreased waste and pollution. Ms. Borek now accommodates local restaurants, hotels and caters to local chefs’ needs.

Benefits of buying locally can be great. Food movements such as “Eat Local, Buy Local, Be Local” are designed to help educate consumers on food-related issues and assist with building communities through food and understanding the concept of local food. Buying locally or directly from farmers can dramatically increase a farmer’s income by sending 90% of those food dollars back to the farm.

The Florida Agricultural Promotional Campaign, also known as “Fresh from Florida,” promotes more than 280 agricultural commodities grown in the Sunshine State. Our marketing campaigns are just some of the Department’s ongoing initiatives designed to raise public awareness about the importance of buying locally.

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