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How to like vegetables

September 17, 2009

bland veggiesI came across an interesting interview on NPR this morning titled “Food You Don’t Like and How To Eat It”. I like vegetables, but I still was intrigued because maybe this person had come up with a way I had never heard of. I might not have any children at home but I have plenty of friends who hate vegetables. I try to get them to eat more veggies by offering suggestions, giving them recipes from our Chef Justin but it seems I fail miserably every time.

This interview mainly discussed beets and okra – and the way okra was described, if I didn’t already like it (fried of course), I might never touch the stuff again.

So I asked our Facebook fan audience “We want to know, how do you make vegetables taste better (especially if you have picky eaters at home)?” and gave them the link to the article, so we could get some of their opinions.

Here were some of the answers I found to be the most interesting:

“Use your blender to grind up zucchini and squash and then mix it in with the tomato sauce for Italian dishes.”

“I cook mine in low sod chicken broth…makes everything taste great.”

“Hate to be unhealthy…but a little bacon grease flavors everything.” (Bacon related comments came up a few times)

“I cook mine in low sod chicken broth…makes everything taste great.” (Chicken broth was actually mentioned several times too)

“Hint of Cajun seasoning and black pepper.”

We love our Facebook fans; they always give us some great answers and ideas.

I love mostly all vegetables and will eat most raw (except a few), so I can’t really offer any suggestions. So tell me, what is your favorite way to make vegetables taste better?

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  1. Melissa permalink
    September 24, 2009 11:06 am

    I heard the same story and they still have not convinced me to try beets again! I love okra; of course, that’s because in my family we dredge it in cornmeal and fry it in bacon grease. I’ve found that instead of using fats in some vegetable recipes, I use a vegetable bouillon cube for flavor and salt.

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