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Our Fans Rock!

September 18, 2009

If you haven’t seen our Facebook page yet, you should definitely check it out. You’ll see some of the biggest supporters of Florida agriculture out there. Our Facebook fans are enthusiastic, opinionated and fun. It really makes everything we do worth it when we get to read all the great things people have to say about Florida ag. Here’s a list that I compiled of some of my favorite tidbits and most memorable quotes/answers that we have received on our Facebook page.

How important are calories when you make a food purchase?

“Amount of processing; transfats; sugars; prefer buying in bulk; how “local” the product is” -Jim

tomatoFill in the blank – My ultimate sandwich is not complete without…

22 out of 49 people (including myself) agreed that tomatoes are a necessity on a sandwich!

Do you eat locally grown food? What does local mean to you?

“Local means grown in the area, like a 100 mile radius. I better eat local, I live on a veggie farm!” -Cara

“I try to grow a variety myself so that’s pretty much as local as I can get. When I have to buy, I try to only ever by local to the point that I told my son that California strawberries were against our religion.” -Erica
The strawberry part made me laugh!  Florida’s strawberries are definitely the best.

We were thinking about carrot cake and it got us wondering – what other desserts are out there that use a vegetable as an ingredient? Know of any?

“Believe it or not… there’s an awsome Green Tomato bread that is incredibly SWEET! Better than zucchini or banana!” – Nelson
Sounds interesting and delicious…

What is the easiest fruit or vegetable to grow at home?

“Ha Ha, Cherry Tomatoes! I used to work in a produce department. I wore my apron home and had a cherry tom in my pocket, unknowingly. I went for my keys in my apron pocket and speared the cherry tom with my finger! I freaked out from encountering the surprise and flung the cherry ton into the yard. It landed in the hedge in front of the house. Next thing you know we have a huge bush of cherry toms!” -Beth
Wow, I wish I could garden that easily!

What is your comfort food?

grilledcheeseMost popular answers:

  • Chicken and dumplings
  • Mac and cheese
  • Grilled cheese
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Peanuts
  • Ice Cream

I’d have to agree with all of these. Yum….

Do you buy organic produce? If so, how often?

“I don’t buy it for any perceived nutritional benefit. Wash your commercial produce properly and and apple becomes an apple becomes an apple. When I do buy it it’s because I understand that certified organic produce means what I’m eating very likely had a much less negative impact on water, air and ground contaminants due to not using pesticides and man-made fertilizers.” -Paul

rosemaryWhat’s your favorite herb to cook with?

The most popular answers were rosemary, cilantro, basil.

“Rosemary: Heat several inches of olive oil in a sauce pan and add 4-5 sprigs of rosemary. Gently simmer for 20 minutes or more. Don’t burn the rosemary. Containerize the oil and sprigs. Douse freshly made popcorn. ” -Jim
Rosemary popcorn… sounds delicious!

Mullet- Southern delicacy or just a bad haircut? How do you like to cook it/eat it best?

People overwhelmingly liked their mullet either smoked or fried.

“As long as it’s fresh it’s awesome! Fried with hushpuppies or smoked…….a quintessential southern delicacy!” -Mark

Have you ever had honey from Florida? Where did you get it from?

“I used to get free honey from the people who set their hives in the groves where I used to work!! And it was the best!!!!! Nothing is better than a peanut butter and Honey sandwich” -Patrick
My personal favorite is peanut butter, honey and banana sandwich!

“Black Mangrove, Key lime and Mango honey from Bees in the Keys, Key Largo. Mangrove honey from the Feddern family in Tavernier. Palmetto Honey from Harold P. Curtis Honey Company in LaBelle. Wildflower,Orange blossom, Avocado and Palmetto honey from Bee Land Honey, Homestead. Lastly, Orange Blossom from Buzzn Bee Inc via Wholefoods. Yes, I’m a big fan of our fab local honey.” –Liz
Liz, you sound like a Florida honey expert!

How do you define cooking from scratch?

“Nothing from a mix or a box. You can use a recipe but you have to do all measuring and mixing from spices and herbs and fresh foods.” -Danielle

“It can’t come out of a box unless it’s one ingredient.”-Jennifer
Love this answer!  I think I agree the most with you.

“Absolutley NO shortcuts.” -Justin

“Cooking from scratch, to me, means gathering (scratching up) uncombined ingredients and combining them, then (usually) applying heat. The elaborateness of the preparation depends on the dish.” -Kathleen

And a few other favorite quotes:


“No Farmers No Food Is the verse we live by here at “In The Field” Magazine! Support your local Farmers!” –Christa

“Just two things that money can’t buy – that’s true love and home grown tomatoes!“ –Sarah

We love our fans! Thanks to all of those that interact with us regularly. We appreciate your thoughts and support more than you may realize!

photos from flickr: one, two, three,

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