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Back to School- As the Lunches Continue

September 21, 2009

The lunch boxes and bags are still shiny and bright. The kids are settling in and the homework is piling up. New friends are being made and afterschool activities are swallowing free time like you had forgotten was possible. 876988047_e1280e9361_m[1] lunch boxThose well thought out lunches, promises of a healthy midday meal and exciting cuisine for the young set is probably fading right about now.

As parents, how do we keep the lunch box lunches healthy and exciting?After the age of 5 or 6 no kid wants a sandwich cut into a heart shape or tofu or cheese shaped like a flower. What is a parent to do?  I hope  a lot of parents will offer suggestions at Fresh from Florida Kids on the “Comments and Tips” page.  Busy Cooks is a website that I think has some good ideas for packing school lunches.  I would suggest that instead of juices you pack water and if you are using any kind of nuts you should always check with your school to be sure these are ok.

Don’t hesitate to ask your child for suggestions.  Feel free to ignore the diet of candy bars and cola some kids  may suggest.  On the other hand there is no point in packing a lunch of  food he will not eat.  Try using some of last night’s leftovers. Roasted vegetables in a pita pocket or pasta and sauce in a thermos can be a great lunch instead of a boring white bread sandwich.  Be creative  and involve the kids.  It could work out well for everyone.

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