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How do you define success in Social Media?

October 19, 2009

We tend to keep the posts on our blog geared more towards consumers, but this one is for our industry folks out there. This year we have really expanded our online presence by starting this blog, creating a Facebook fan page, as well as a Twitter page. We are trying to increase awareness of Florida Agriculture. I ask myself almost daily, how do we know if we are being successful with what we are doing?

measuring tapeIt’s not exactly an easy to question to answer, as what we promote is a completely different entity than promoting per se, Coke or Whole Foods. We promote Florida Agriculture as a whole and that includes everything. We can’t just pick one specific aspect of ag, we have to promote it all. So it’s a daily challenge. And the message we send out varies depending on the channel of communication (Facebook, this blog or Twitter).

In each medium, we count success differently. Take this blog for example. I count being successful on this blog by not how many comments we receive, but how often we turn up in search results (among others). The more relevant and specific our posts are to Florida agriculture, the more targeted consumers we are reaching. And by reaching them with relevant information, we establish a name for ourselves, as having correct and reliable information.

On Twitter and Facebook,  one way I measure success is by fan interaction and roughly how much we get. If I take a look back through our stats over the past few months and have seen a steady increase in interactions, I know we have been successful. We have our more popular weeks, I believe that’s just the luck of the draw. And then sometimes we have our lower weeks. One positive thing I have noticed is that I have never seen a week where we didn’t increase in followers in Twitter or fans on Facebook. That to me tells me that we are doing something right.

So those are just a couple ways that I measure success on our social media outlets. It’s not scientific, it’s just my opinion. Look for more posts from me on Social Media & Agriculture as I learn more about it.

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  1. October 20, 2009 3:43 am

    I think you make a good point here. Also, I believe you are becoming more visible on fb and twitter. Keep it up. Florida needs all the champions it can get.

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