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How to bring agriculture into your life

November 5, 2009

Agriculture can influence our lifestyle in many ways. Our State’s agriculture industry not only feeds our population and is a major economic industry, but we must also realize that it is a healthy source of life for everyone. Here’s how:

• Starting in your kitchen, impress your guests and family by serving meals prepared with fresh organic herbs or tomatoes grown in your own backyard or even in your apartment’s balcony. Glaze your chicken with pure and rich Florida tupelo honey made by expert Florida beekeepers and it will be the highlight of your dinner.

• A wine party serving Florida wines is a fun, unique experience. Florida wines are very different from traditional wines because they’re made with muscadine grapes or Florida-grown fruits like grapefruit and blueberry. For a more tropical flair, try starfruit, mango or passion fruit wines.

• Decorating your home with orchids, bromeliads, tropical foliage and hanging baskets from Florida nurseries is the latest trend in home fashion decor.

• Agritourism is our best entertainment option all year round. If you are tired of hanging out at the shopping malls, amusement park or beach scenes, have an exhilarating time with your friends watching the wild alligators in their natural habitat at the Everglades, enjoy delicious Florida strawberry milkshakes at our Strawberry Festival in Plant City or harvest your own fresh scallops in our sunny coasts while in season. Keep in mind that touring Florida wineries is a great romantic escape!

• Visit state parks, agricultural fairs and rodeos or learn to play polo with Florida’s finest Thoroughbreds in Palm Beach and Ocala.

• Teach your kids to appreciate Florida’s natural resources. Take them to our Christmas tree farms during the holidays to choose and cut their own trees, get them to pick their own fruits and vegetables at our u-pick farms or chase them through a corn maze.

Enjoy and share our pride in all that Florida has to give! Does agriculture influence your life?

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