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Seafood for Kids

November 13, 2009
Finn the Fish

Finn the Fish

As a young child I remember eating plenty of fish sticks but my mom also made sure that my brother and I tried shrimp, crab claws and even lobster on occasion. I believe that eating seafood at such a young age only paved the way for me to enjoy it so much as an adult. There are lots of ways to get kids excited about eating seafood. A good place to start is with our web page geared towards seafood for kids.

Laurie the Lobster

Laurie the Lobster


The webpage features fun facts and tips, along with recipes any kid is sure to enjoy. Children can learn about the history of seafood and the industry and what aquaculture is. Kids can meet Claus the Crab, Laurie the Lobster and Finn the Fish. A coloring and activity booklet and a Seafood Fun Facts and Activity Brochure are available for downloading as well.

Claus the Crab

Claus the Crab

Research suggests that taste preferences and eating habits are fully developed by the time a child is three years old, so starting early is essential. Seafood for kids is delicious and nutritious!

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