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How to: Florida Tomatoes

November 17, 2009

This way of cutting tomatoes is great for salsas, pasta or any recipe that calls for diced tomato. Here is the easiest way I know to de-seed and cut up a tomato.

Always wash and dry produce before preparing. Remove any stem that may be attached to the tomatoes.

tomatoes 079

With the stem side down for a flat surface, cut the tomato in half.

tomatoes 080tomatoes 081

Cut each tomato half, from stem to end in half again.

tomatoes 082

Following the natural curve of the tomato, run your knife just above the main flesh, cutting out the seeds. Repeat with all other tomato quarters. At this point you can save the tomato insides for other uses.

tomatoes 084tomatoes 086

Slice the tomato quarters into long thin strips. (Size depends on recipe or use.) At this point you can use the tomato strips or continue for a dice.  (The tomato strips are great in salads or any recipe that calls for fresh tomato).

tomatoes 089

Cut the tomato strips uniformly until you have a small dice. Continue cutting all the slices into a dice.

tomatoes 090tomatoes 097

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