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Carambola – a Star of a Fruit

December 4, 2009

Have you ever tried the tropical fruit carambola (also known as star fruit)?  It is delicious!

Carambola is a pretty and delicious fruit that makes ordinary meals special!

To me carambola tastes like the sweet part of a SweeTART candy.  It is crisp almost like an apple and it is refreshing.  What is really cool about the carambola is that is pairs well with other fruits but also with poultry and seafoods.  Oh, and chocolate!

In Florida, carambola are available year round but are most plentiful in the fall and winter.  I’ve seen these fruits as garnishes that aren’t fully ripe, and it distresses me because it makes people not want to try them beyond the curiousity of the initial contact.  However, a ripe star fruit can make you a fan very quickly.

High in vitamin A and potassium, a 4-inch fruit only has 33 calories.  It’s also got a good amount of fiber.  How do you pick these in the stores?  Look for fruits that are more yellow than green.  If the edges of it have turned slightly brown, that’s okay, it just means they are fully ripe.  It should smell sweet and not be mushy but gives slightly when you press it.  Cutting it into little stars is the most popular way to process a star fruit.  There may be some seeds, so just discard those, but keep the peel.

For an easy dinner, try this Star Stir-Fry, a delicious chicken dish.  Sometimes I just slice up a fruit and eat it plain and it feels so decadent.  If you’ve tried carambola, how did you like it?  If haven’t yet, let us know what you think when you do!

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  1. February 24, 2010 10:59 pm

    I personally can’t stand them! I seem to be in the extreme minority though. I’ve had them probably a dozen times and never really liked them so I don’t think it was just because I had a bad fruit! The plant sure is pretty though.

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