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Kids and Culinary Trends

December 30, 2009

To no surprise, the kids are not number one, but at least they made the top twenty list of culinary menu trends for 2010. In a survey of 1,800 chefs  conducted by the National Restaurant Association, nutritious meals for kids came in at number 6.  How refreshing it will be to see something other than chicken fingers, hot dogs and grilled cheese on the children’s menu.  Not that all of these can’t be made in a healthier way other than deep fried, 1oo % fat and fake cheese…  But how about a  fresh vegetable or two for the kid? Yes, salads count but I’m talking something a little more exciting and nutritious than a piece of lettuce and one tomato. Give them a spring mix with cukes and carrot spears; they will eat it!  Throw a little low-fat yogurt and dill dressing on the side and who knows when the three-year old will stop eating or dipping.

Come on chefs, here is your chance to help the parents of America.  Parents are doing the right thing at home, making sure what goes into their kid’s meal is nutritious, as well as flavorful and appealing to those ever so discriminating little eyes.  To turn a phrase, if the kids are happy and well fed, momma is happy.

photo from Flickr

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