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3 Ways: Grapefruit

January 28, 2010

This is the first in a series (hopefully) of blog posts I plan to do called “3 ways” where we present you with 3 different ideas on preparing or enjoying a specific Florida commodity.  It’s simply meant to inspire you to try fresh Florida produce in ways that you may not be used to. Hope you enjoy!

I’ve never been a big citrus fan (I know, how is this possible being from Florida?) but I have been lovin’ some Ruby Red grapefruit this month!  I absolutely regret avoiding it for the past few years because it is so good. It’s sweet and juicy, not sour or bitter like some people may think. Florida grapefruit is in stores all around the globe at very reasonable prices since it is in season right now. Grab a 5-lb bag next time you’re at the store and give these “3 ways” a try!

1. Dress up a salad: Grapefruit adds a sweet, yet tangy flavor to salads.  It’s especially good when paired with something mild like avocado, which is probably why grapefruit and avocado salads are so popular.  Here’s a few tasty looking salad recipes to give a whirl… or, of course, you could just incorporate grapefruit segments into your favorite salad!

2. Enjoy something sweet: While grapefruit can certainly stand alone as a dessert (I usually eat mine after dinner), bakers and confectioners have found some really interesting ways to use grapefruit in desserts. Satisfy your sweet tooth with these:

3. Get crazy with condiments:  Sauce, glazes, relishes, mojo… It all sounds good to me! Using fresh grapefruit is an excellent way to boost flavors in some of your favorite dishes. There is no shortage of recipes out there on the web that incorporate grapefruit juice into the mix – here are some that caught my eye:

We would love to see your favorite recipe that uses Florida grapefruit, especially if it is a little out of the ordinary! Feel free to post it in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

photos from flickr, go florida grapefruit

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