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First Indoor Green Market

March 22, 2010

The Bedners are proud to announce the grand opening of their flagship farmer’s market and u-pick fields located at State Road 7 and Lee Road, two miles south of Boynton Beach Blvd in Boynton Beach, Florida. Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market is the first farmer-owned and operated market of its kind in Palm Beach County and a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for South Florida residents and visitors. Part country store, part green market and a completely refreshing way to shop. The spacious, indoor, air-conditioned fresh market is bright, airy, cheerful and charming, with John Deere®-green pendant lamps hanging from 24-foot high ceilings, rustic barrels of pickles and aisles wide enough to navigate even on a crowded Saturday afternoon. Strawberry and tomato u-pick is open to the public as well and includes a free tractor ride out to the fields.

Stocked with just picked-produce, much of which is cut throughout the day from adjoining fields, the market carries more than 150 products and features a 100% certified organic section, Bedner’s private label salad dressings and pickled veggies, fresh-squeezed juice, fresh-baked bread and organic eggs, among other specialty items. But the produce is the biggest draw for customers from Miami to Stuart.

Like many crops at Bedner’s, the giant heads of leafy green romaine are cut and restocked several times throughout the day to accommodate customer demand. Rather than typical store-bought lettuce that could be a week old at the time of purchase, Bedner’s romaine can go from the field to the table in hours. Along with better taste, fresher produce has higher nutritional value and can be safer, with less risk for bacterial growth and contamination, than produce that travels far and requires careful storage. Customers often comment on the exceptional value they feel they are getting at Bedner’s, but for the Bedners, value is a tradition.

With a farming heritage dating back to the 1800’s, Bedner patriarch Arthur Bedner and wife Henrietta moved from Pennsylvania to Florida in the 1950’s to start Bedner Growers in Palm Beach County. On the same plot of land their father plowed more than 50 years ago, Arthur’s three sons, Charles, Bruce and Steve, along with grandson Jesse have grown their family legacy while preserving Bedner Growers’ reputation for quality produce at a great value.

Customers also comment on the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff, many of who share the store’s namesake. Several family members work at Bedner Growers and Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market; the family pride shows in their product and their story. When many farming families sold out to real estate developers, the Bedners kept true to their roots, choosing instead to dig deeper and grow more.

For several months while the store was under construction, the family sold goods from produce carts on their property. Now, with the market and u-pick open, customers can spend an entire day at Bedner’s, shopping, riding a tractor, picking their own strawberries and tomatoes, munching on hot dogs, pretzels, ice cream and fresh coffee and learning about produce farming.

For this dedicated family, it looks like dreams do come true.

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