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Member Spotlight: B&W Quality Growers

April 15, 2010

B&W Quality Growers has been a member of our FAPC program since 2001. That’s a relatively short period of time, considering the company has been around for 134 years.

The neatest thing about B&W is they happen to be the world’s largest watercress grower. Along with watercress, they also grow the ‘wild roquette’ variety of baby arugula. A list of products they produce can be found here.

In order to keep up with demand, they maintain seasonal farms throughout the southeast. Their Florida growing season is from November through May. For the remaining part of the year, they have farms in West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Alabama and Tennessee.

If you’ve never had watercress before, here is a great collection of recipes they have put together than include watercress – from drinks to entrees – I’m sure something here will sound tasty. What exactly is watercress? Watercress is a delicate, leafy green vegetable that has a peppery taste to it. It makes a great addition to any dish.

So the next time you’re out grocery shopping make sure to look for B&W watercress at your local supermarket. Make sure to support local Florida companies.

Image from Flickr, 2

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  1. April 15, 2010 11:33 am

    What a delightful surprise and treat to find that B&W Quality Growers was the subject of today’s member spotlight.

    We are proud to be celebrating our family’s 140th anniversary as watercress growers, and the continuation of our 140 legacy for quality.

    We are equally proud to be members of FAPC and appreciate their on-going efforts to promote local Florida growers and products by American farmers in general.

    Thanks again,

    Andy Brown
    B&W Quality Growers, Inc.

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