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I guess I should eat right.

April 21, 2010

With this new goal of running a 5K on May 1, I’ve noticed some changes in my eating habits. Well, maybe I’ve noticed some changes with how hungry I am – ALL THE TIME. I mean I am hungry all day, every day. I eat, I’m hungry 30 minutes later. So I’ve talked with a couple of my friends who seem to know what they are talking about with working out and eating appropriate foods while working out/training. And I’ve come to a conclusion: guess I need to start eating what ‘trainers’ recommend so I can have more energy for working out and not be as hungry all the time.

So, against everything in me I decided to do a little googling and what did I find out there? Nothing that seemed to help. The food recommendations? Nasty. I mean I’m sorry, I enjoy food and I enjoy eating. I’m not depriving myself of good tasting food just so I can run longer. I say this now, ask me after a couple 5Ks and I probably will have changed my mind. But right now – negative.

I continued looking and actually found a couple of websites that I’m going to check out more often: (I actually also have this magazine subscription but never read it…)

And then I came across and remembered that maybe I should look at that too. They actually had a little calculator where you input your age, sex, weight, height and workout time per day and it gives you an estimated dosage of what you should be eating each day. Can’t hurt right?

I’ll keep looking for more websites out there that might help with giving me tips on what to eat while I’m working out. Until then…

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