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Japan Meets Panacea at this Year’s Blue Crab Festival

April 28, 2010

As if the draw of fresh, Florida Seafood wasn’t enough to entice you to attend this year’s Blue Crab Festival in Panacea- this should be enough to get you to this coastal town this upcoming Saturday. The Japanese duo of Keiichi Hara and Yuzuru Abe, reality stars of the Japanese-based Super Sanma’s Karakuri-TV, will be entering the crab picking and mullet toss contests!

Super Sanma’s Karakuri-TV is a comedic reality television show that airs on Tokyo Broadcasting System. Hara and Abe enter contests around the world and are filmed trying to win these unique tournaments/contests. They travel the world looking for prize-based contests. We are lucky enough that they decided to come to our neck of the woods to give crab picking and mullet tossing a try!

Panacea is ready to give the two a warm welcome and show them some southern hospitality. Sherrie Miller of Posey’s Seafood has greeted the guests and familiarized them with the city of Panacea and the surrounding area. I am lucky enough to get to meet them Thursday and get them up to speed on Florida seafood and the “Fresh from Florida” message.

The mullet toss is at noon and the crab picking contest is at 2:00 p.m.

So come to Panacea this Saturday to welcome them to Florida. You are sure to have a great time.

36th Annual Panacea Blue Crab Festival

May 1, 2010
Woolley Park on Dickerson Bay
Panacea, Florida
Focus: As a part of local history, the festival originated in 1975 to promote the crab industry in Wakulla County. The festival is kicked off by a parade down U.S. 98, then the gates open to Woolley Park for a day of waterfront fun with live music, dance performances and historic presentations. Other activities include a crab picking contest, mullet toss, arts and crafts and delicious seafood.

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