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Florida Palms: The State Queens

May 11, 2010

They graciously welcome you when you arrive into the city. Our state is world famous by their majestic beauty adorning our tropical landscape. They’re treated like royalty by our growers as they represent a key income source within our horticulture industry. Yes, I’m talking about Florida Palm Trees.

From less than $99 to more than $3,000 a tree for residential or commercial landscaping, more than 250 varieties of Palm trees are grown in Florida to meet your needs.  Check the special collections in Florida nurseries and you will be amazed by what you find.

Did you know that some Florida palms are resistant to cold weather? Our member nursery Gabriel Growers from Dade City grow seven different species acclimated to cold weather, lower than 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

After leaving corporate America to grow palms for 12 years now, Steve Brook from Gabriel Growers comments about his Palm farming:

“I love it, they show up every day, they don’t respond to you.  Florida has a great tropical environment for palms to grow. I do everything from ground up . There’s no cheating, we grow them from seed up. It’s a longer process but I control all the process.  My palms are container grown and we use drip system.  There’s no waist, [we provide] optimal growing conditions for the tree. I like helping people start their business, consulting and helping people out.  When I ran into this business that was not available.”

Did you also know that Florida palm trees are exported? Florida growers face many challenges with palm diseases like red palm mite, pink hibiscus mealy bug and lethal yellowing present in certain areas of the state. Notwithstanding, it is very interesting to learn about the sterilization processes our growers have developed to prepare the palms to comply with the phitosanitary regulations to ship internationally. Some of the processes include removing the native soil thoroughly from the root system and drenching or dipping it organic matter and sanitizing chemicals, in addition to all the inspections required by the Division of Plant Industry.

So, yes, our Florida palms are jet setters that go all over the world to places like Spain, Turkey, Bahamas, Germany and Africa to name a few.

Are you a palm lover too? Which are your favorites?


Phoenix Sylvestris

Triangle Palm

Sabal Palmetto inside Mall of the Millenia, Orlando


Canary Date Palm

Sago Palm

Bottle Palm

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  1. May 11, 2010 2:29 pm

    I never thought that these Palm Trees are exported throughout the globe! Does it grow in tropical climate?

  2. May 18, 2010 10:45 am

    If you are in the Market or just need help with some knowledge of Palm Trees let us help you. Our Customers are Home Owners / Builders / Landscapers / Nurseries / Theme Parks / Commercial Sites / Box Stores / Churches and more. The best way to contact us is, to go to our web-site or just give us a call 352-567-3797 Thank You Steve — GABRIEL GROWERS INC. Dade City, Fl (PASCO COUNTY)

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