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Florida Agriculture in the Classroom Workshop

May 18, 2010

Many of us are surprised when we realize how little some of our school children know about Florida agriculture. Chef Justin and I taught a group of 4th and 5th grade students last week. Many of them thought we just grew oranges.

But after some quick and easy hands-on nutrition lessons using avocados, celery, strawberries, watermelon and blueberries (we made smoothies, fruit kabobs and a tasty guacamole dish) they became some of our greatest agriculture supporters. They learned what we grow in Florida and why we need what our farmers grow.  Many wanted to make those recipes at home. And they were eager to ask their moms to buy fresh Florida fruit and veggies at the next grocery store visit.

But I can’t make smoothies for every child in Florida. I’m tired just thinking about it. We need Florida’s k-12 teachers to help us.

That’s why Florida teachers who teach any subject in kindergarten through 12th grade are invited to Florida Agriculture in the Classroom’s 2010 State Teacher and Volunteer Workshop. This event will be held June 17-19 at the TradeWinds Beach Resort on St. Petersburg Beach.

It will be a great opportunity to meet with many varied Florida agriculture industry volunteers and representatives from all over the state in an exciting three-day workshop.  Teachers will receive lessons and activities geared to classroom and field trip settings.

Agriculture industry participants will receive instruction on how to make public presentations about agriculture and agriculture-related industries for field trips and farm tours.

So everyone is invited: teachers, members of our agriculture industry, or any volunteer who cares about Florida agriculture. If you believe the next generation should care as well, please attend this event.

To register visit  Then, click on the workshop folder. For more information contact  Lisa Gaskalla at or (352) 846-1391.


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