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The Hopeful Gardener ‘Fesses Up

June 25, 2010

Okay, it’s confession time here.  I happened upon my newfound love of gardening quite by accident.  We had a meeting about the blog in which we discussed topics we thought would be fun, how often we should write, and what would spotlight Florida agriculture and FAPC members best.

I thought that it would be interesting to write from the viewpoint of a very novice gardener.  I figured that if I was successful I would have results, but if I failed (which I was sure would happen) then I would have some funny stories to tell.  What began as an idea for how to increase the number of blog posts I write has turned into a real enjoyment for gardening.

If you’ve never tried container gardening, why not give it a try? The upfront monetary investment is not too dear. If you’re not sure what to grow, go to a local plant supply store/nursery and ask. They will be happy to assist you. Native plants might be just the thing to try but herbs and vegetables are also highly entertaining!

Whatever you choose to grow, I wish you luck.  Let us know what you’re growing and how it is going; we love hearing from you!

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