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We’re in Business, But We Need You

July 8, 2010

The Bureau of Seafood has just released a new video urging consumers to eat Florida seafood.  Please share the link with everyone you know and help spread an important message on behalf of our friends, neighbors and fellow Floridians.

Times have been hard for Florida’s commercial fishermen – a tough economy and now a massive oil spill in the Gulf.  Some are out of business.  Others on the brink. But Florida’s commercial fishing industry has a proud heritage.  Fishing built our coastal towns, and shaped our state’s history. Florida seafood is a tradition long enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Whether eating in or dining out, whenever family and friends get together, it’s always a special time when Florida seafood is on the table. And, despite the images from the Gulf, Florida seafood is safe and ready to be enjoyed. The fresh catch from clean, unaffected Florida waters is coming in daily. We’re in business, but we need you. Pay a visit to your local fish market or coastal seafood restaurant, and enjoy Florida’s delicious seafood harvest that so many, work so hard, to bring to you.

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