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Get away from it all… except your good habits

July 16, 2010

It’s become a tradition in my family that we spend a few days in a beach house together on the Gulf each summer. This year, we got together over the 4th of July holiday. We all had a great vacation, but, given the chance, I would have spent some of my time there differently. I let my exercise routine fall to the wayside and ate (what I consider to be) absolute junk for 4 days. I ended up feeling yucky the majority of the time I was there and returned home feeling defeated and regretful. I have a feeling that I’m not the only one that gets off track during summer vacations so here’s my list of tips that I wish I had thought about before my trip:

  • Come prepared: If you’re staying somewhere with a kitchen, go ahead and plan out your meals (and dine-out days) before you get there. Have a shopping list ready or bring your ingredients with you. Don’t pack food that doesn’t meet your typical health standards. If it’s not there then you won’t eat it! My problem is that my family eats one way, and I eat another. Shame on me for not bringing the foods that treat my body right.
  • Snack smart: I get incredibly hungry at the beach. There’s something about the sun that turns my stomach into an insatiable pit. I chowed down on chips, cake, icecream and soda during my vacation because that’s what was readily available. Bad Sarah! Next time I’ll bring fresh fruits and veggies with me to snack on so I don’t reach for the junk food.
  • Find workout time: Depending on where you’re going, you may have a jam-packed schedule during your vacation. Don’t let the fact that you’re about to spend a full day at a theme park or in the car stop you from getting in your daily cardio (or whatever your routine may be). Don’t leave it up in the air or find excuses like I did (oh, I’ll go running this evening…). Because, you guessed it, something else usually comes up. So my tip is to include workout time in your original vacation schedule when you’re planning – and stick to it!
  • Lastly, remember to take a vacation… but not from your good habits! You’ll have to work extra hard when you get back home to make up for them.

What are your tips for staying on track when you’re away?

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  1. Melissa permalink
    July 16, 2010 10:14 am

    Sarah, what a great topic! Being on vacation just makes you want to get away from everything, including your routine, but I appreciate your take on what we should do. I will be going on my first cruise next month and I’ve heard the food stories! If there is a buffet situation, what I find most helpful is to do a circuit to check out all of the food so I can plan my plate. Otherwise, a plate can be full when I find that item that I “have to have,” so I either overfill it or go back for another round. Another thing I try to do is make sure my plate is half fruits & veggies, then split it between grains/carbs and protein. We plan on doing a lot of walking while in the various ports, so that should offset any culinary indiscretions.

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