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Location Based Marketing

October 14, 2010

A few months ago, we did an introduction to Foursquare and gave some tips on how it can help your business.  This trend in location-based marketing is still growing and has plenty to offer for both small and big businesses to take advantage of.  While Foursquare is my personal favorite service, there are several others that prove to be just as useful.

Now, assuming that you already understand the concept of these services and how consumers use them, what are the steps you need to take to become involved in location-based marketing?

1. Set up your business on each network and ensure that the details are all correct. If your business is already on there, you may have to contact the service to get details edited depending on which one needs changing.

2. Be sure to categorize your business and add tags – this helps when people are searching for locations.  For example, if you sell organic produce, tag it with “organic”.  Later, when a user is looking for businesses that sell organic items in your area, your’s will show up when they search.

3. Make sure your customers know you’re there.  I’ve noticed a lot of window stickers or point-of-purchase displays that say “Find us on Foursquare” or something similar.  It’s a good way to remind customers to check in at your location.  When running special promotions, don’t forget to put an announcement on your Facebook page, Twitter account, email newsletter, etc to let your already-loyal customers know about your deals.

Next week I’ll continue this with more reasons on why location-based marketing is useful for businesses.  Until then, here’s a list of some of the major players so you can get familiar with how each one works:

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