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San Sebastian Winery

October 21, 2010

A few weeks ago I was in the St. Augustine area and I got the chance to visit San Sebastian Winery. I had never been to a Florida winery before, so I was quite excited. I was even more excited when I discovered that not only do they give a free tour but they also host a mini wine tasting after the tour. Who would turn that down? Not me.

The tour started off with a 10 minute video of the history of the winery and it’s sister winery in Clermont, Florida – Lakeridge Winery. Then after that our tour guide proceeded to take us around the winery and show us the different rooms, where some of the wine was aged, etc. We were told that most of the bottling and making of the wine is done at Lakeridge because they have much bigger facilities than San Sebastian.

After the tour was over they took us back down the main floor and let us sample some of the wines. It’s been a few weeks so I can’t exactly remember which wines I tasted but they were all really good. I believe my favorite was the Vintner’s Red, it was great! And I’m not even that big of a red wine drinker.

Overall my experience at San Sebastian was awesome and they really are a great example of a member of our FAPC campaign. I can’t wait to visit some more great Florida Wineries when I get the chance!

Here are a few pictures from my visit:

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  1. October 21, 2010 1:02 pm

    I’m actually not a a fan of this winery or its sister winery. I’m partial to Dakotah Winery in Chiefland. Much more personable and intimate.

    • October 21, 2010 1:14 pm

      This was the first Florida winery I had ever visited and I had a pretty good time at it. I plan to definitely visit some more if I can. I’m sure each of them has their own personality.

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