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Florida Herbs: Rosemary

October 25, 2010

With the holiday seasons quickly approaching, special meals make them memorable.  Sometimes the most memorable things we take with us are the smells from these beloved mealtimes as our favorite dishes are enjoyed.  The smells we equate with these delectable dishes are usually due to the herbs corresponding with seasonal smorgasbords.  To help your season and mine be more memorable than ever, I looked into some helpful herbs that will make any dinner table better.

Rosemary is a beautiful herb with bright evergreen foliage.  The aroma is warm and peppery with a sense of pine.  The taste is has a woody, balsamic aftertaste.  Rosemary is commonly used with veal, chicken, pork and lamb, and it can be added to butter, salt or pepper.  Veggies in need of a little butter can be spruced up with a little rosemary as well.  Salads and olive oil also go well with the addition of rosemary.  Many recipes recommend adding rosemary to soups and eggs.  You can find rosemary chopped, whole and ground.  Unlike some herbs, rosemary can be overused in cooking, because it does not diminish with cooking.  Rosemary can also be used for potpourri, and linens can be dried in the sun spread over rosemary.

Some health applications we can enjoy from rosemary are: vitamins A, E, B6, and C, a-beta carotene, niacin, folate, magnesium, manganese, calcium, selenium, zinc, omega 3 fatty acids, phosphorus and potassium.  Rosemary improves circulation, stimulates your immune system, improves digestion, increases blood flow and can reduce asthma attacks.  Pregnant women should be careful of this herb.

This is definitely an herb to add to your meals.  I enjoy roasting veggies in the oven with this herb and find that it not only tastes remarkable but the aroma is enjoyable as well.  Remember a little goes a long way with rosemary, so all you need is a little with any dish.

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