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The Key Lime Pie Debate – Part 2

November 3, 2010

In case you missed part 1 from yesterday, click here.

A year after this successful legislation, native Floridian Louis C. Morehead, III set out to perfect and offer what he believes is Florida’s Best Key Lime Pie. After sampling a multitude of different key lime pie recipes throughout the state, Morehead kicked into gear a new business in an attempt to prove his point and started appropriately enough The Florida Key Lime Pie Company.

When asked about Morehead’s recipe he is quick to say that “it is a closely-guarded old Florida family recipe,” but does admit “that one of the key ingredients is that of sweetened condensed milk, and of course real Florida Key lime juice.” Morehead also divulges that he is proud of the fact that there are no eggs in his recipe unlike many of his competitors. Morehead adds that “the benefit to not using eggs allows for many folks that may have egg allergies are able to enjoy this real Florida gourmet dessert.”

Morehead says his company produces several different versions of this citrus-rich delicacy, but lets you know that his pies are made in the traditional southern style using a graham cracker crust. He does however agree that old school ways of applying a high meringue topping is the way that he grew up on but for practical merchandising and packaging purposes he sells a plain untopped pie.

In an effort to accommodate the residents and visitors of Florida, The Florida Key Lime Pie Company offers their freshly baked pies and tropical cheesecakes (which include their signature Island Mango and Tropical Guava cheesecakes) to the public at its recently established Farmers’ Market at 7300 South US1 in Titusville. The Market is located just 1 ½ miles south of the entrance to the John F. Kennedy Space Center across from Brevard County’s Manatee Hammock Park and is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9am until 6pm.

Morehead says that despite where you live or are vacationing he hopes that locals and tourists alike would take a moment from their busy schedules and come and try a decadent free sample of a bit of Florida’s rich history… a real Florida Key Lime Pie that you’ll find hard to resist, and reminds folks to think of his company’s motto…“Made by Floridians in Florida!”

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  1. Julie permalink
    November 4, 2010 2:06 pm

    I remember my mom making a fresh Key Lime pie with Key Limes from the tree in our backyard in Sunrise.

    It has spoiled me for any other Key Lime pie. I will have to try one of these next time I’m down – later this month!

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