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Volusia County Fair Open For Fun

November 5, 2010

As a native of DeLand, I am happy to see that the Volusia County Fair and Youth Show is still going strong. It opened this week and runs through November 14 at 3150 East New York Avenue (appropriately located on the Volusia County Fairground).

As a child I loved going to the fair to ride the rides and eat the yummy fair food, but most of all I loved seeing the animals.  If you want to see pigs, goats, cattle, sheep, rabbits, chickens and other critters, check out the calendar.

Of course one of the big treats of going to fairs and festivals is the food.  Deep fried things on sticks are always appealing.  Apparently deep fried butter is making an appearance this year, too.  Before you go, maybe have a nice fresh salad made with Florida fruits and vegetables (and then let me know how the fried Oreos were!)

Volusia County is not alone in providing a fair to the community.  Many other counties in Florida have fairs/festivals which draw in people to learn about the rich agricultural heritage we have in Florida.  Find out more information on the Department’s Fairs and Expositions site.

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