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Be A-Maized at Long & Scott Farms

November 10, 2010

Long & Scott Farms is at it again – they’ve created another exciting and fun corn maze for people to explore!  I had the opportunity to visit the farm, walk into the maze and stand on the bridge, tour the property on a hay ride, and shop in the country market.  What a great day it was.

This year’s corn maze theme is “Fresh from Florida.”  Check out this aerial view of the Mt. Dora farm:

The Fresh from Florida maze is on the left. "Cornfusion" is in the upper the right corner.

In addition to being the only grower of the world famous Zellwood sweet corn, they grow pickle cucumbers as well as other vegetables.  The day I went was a cucumber harvest day – the fields smelled like fresh, ripe cucumbers – and we watched them go from field to cleaning to sorting to packing.  They are high quality items and are sold to major pickle manufacturers; if you eat jarred pickles, you could very well be eating a Florida Long & Scott cucumber!

The maze will remain open through November 28, so if you’re in the area, why not head over to the farm?  It is about 30 miles northwest of Orlando.  After going through the maze and taking the tour, don’t forget to visit the market, which sells a large variety of fresh produce and dairy items.  My friends and coworkers were very happy when I shared the fresh sweet corn I purchased.  When you go, have an “a-maizing” time!

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