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Super Bowl Foods

January 26, 2011

I love NFL football in general and specifically the Green Bay Packers! Now that we’re the NFC champs, I’m so excited that my Packer buddies and I get to see the Green & Gold play in the big game on February 6. (Although as a child I loved the Bucs and the Steelers, so I’m glad that we’ll be playing an old favorite.) Since Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest “eat” days of the year, that means lots of delicious food will be consumed.

In an effort to reduce some of the calories and fat in the foods I eat during the game, I started looking for recipes on our website that are delicious and will satisfy any snack attack.  How do Molé Chicken Wings sound?  Or how about Florida Vegetable Nachos, Turkey Chili and a Strawberry Margarita?  These are all versions of foods that I love to eat during a nice game of football, just a little bit healthier and using fresh ingredients.

To whet your appetite...chicken wings!

My Packer friends and I do like to indulge in cheese curds (cheese before it is formed and aged; it squeaks when fresh!), which I promise I will eat while sporting a Cheesehead hat during the Super Bowl this year.  However, I also promise to be more mindful of the other things I eat and “Pack” some healthy snacks.

What are some of your favorite Super Bowl foods?

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