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Dirty Jobs Goes Sponge Diving

February 28, 2011

Mike Rowe and the Dirty Jobs crew are at it again in Florida—this time they ventured down to Tarpon Springs to be sponge divers for the day. As usual with Mr. Rowe, there was a lot of humor and of course plenty of “dirtiness!”

Mike Rowe, Dirty Jobs

Some might not think sponge diving could be considered dirty. Apparently sponge diving usually gets a little gross after the sponges are harvested. A horrendous smell is born when the sponge starts to die. And there are lots of flies. That sounds pretty dirty to me! Sponges are quickly cleaned and sold though, and end up as soft and squishy shower companions.

Photo Courtesy of Discovery Channel

Tarpon Springs is mostly known for its $20 million tourism industry. However, much of what attracts tourists to the area is sponge diving and the Greek local color. The sponge industry brings about $2 million to the economy per year. You can learn more about Tarpon Springs by visiting the Fresh From Florida website.

Dirty Jobs is said to profile the unsung American laborers who make their living in the most unthinkable — yet vital — ways. You can catch a portion of the episode on the Discovery Channel’s website.

Photo Courtesy of Discovery Channel

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