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Miscellaneous (including general farmers)

FollowFarmer; putting together a list of farmers on twitter (great comprehensive list)

veggietweets; Daily thought provoking veggie quotes, facts and links for your reading and re-tweeting pleasure!

foodchat; A monthly conversation between people concerned about food and those who produce it. Join live conversation 3rd Tues., 8-10 p.m. EDT. Foodies welcome!

vegementary; Vegetables rock. I want to learn more about vegetables and share knowledge that is picked up along the way. I feel good when I’m in touch with good nutrition.

Vegimentary; Twitter’s Best Veggie~Fact~Tweeter

Foodimentary; Twitter’s @ShortyAwards winning Food~Fact~Tweeter Guaranteed to pepper your day with fun food facts! Impress others with your food knowledge!

agchat; A weekly conversation for folks involved in the business of growing food, fuel, feed and fiber on Tues., 8-10pm EDT (created and moderated by @mpaynknoper)

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