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Name: Terrie

Job Title: Development Representative

Hometown: Rupert, West Virginia

Education: Marshall University

What I do at my job: Like most everyone here I do a little of everything. A co-worker and I manage the “Fresh from Florida Kids” program and website. Offering useful information for parents of babies and toddlers has opened up a new world of agriculture for me. Knowing we are making a difference and hoping we can help change the eating habits of families for the better is more than most marketing people can ever hope to do.  I also work with a great group of folks who produce, sell and love Florida watermelon. I am one of the project managers on the “Fresh from Florida” magazine; a twice yearly published magazine featuring information about our Florida Agricultural Promotional Campaign members and the industries that affect them. I have the opportunity to work with retail produce managers and buyers in other states who are responsible for buying Florida produce.  It is always great to hear the wonderful things they say about Florida fruits and vegetables!

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